Hi, I am John Moore. Working as a  professional welder for more than a decade. Besides my profession, I have run this website “Power Tool Idea”. As a professional welder, I had used a lot of welding machines such as the Tig welder, Mig welder, Dual-voltage welder, etc. During this long-time in this profession, I have learned a lot of things and discovered a lot of tricks to carry out the welding task perfectly and efficiently. 

Because of my work, I have practical experience in the function and features of these welding machines. Just a couple of years ago, I did a survey on these welding tools & I have found that many welders are not getting the perfect result due to their lack of knowledge about this tool. This is the reason I have started writing on these criteria to share my views with people around the world. 

The “Power Tool Idea” will provide you every single information about the welding machines, their easy using process, tips, and tricks, etc. You’ll also find comparison details of the best brands welding machines, their advantages & disadvantages. For better understanding and clear views of these welding tools, you can read some honest reviews of the users of these products from this site. 

If you connect with this “Power Tool Idea” site, you’ll always receive the latest update about the welding machine and its accessories. You will also receive a perfect guideline to keep your welding tools safe and long-lasting. I’ll give you some hints & tricks so that you can pick the right welding tools and maintain them properly. 

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John Moore.