Best Dual Voltage Mig Welder For You – Review And Buying Guide

A 110v MIG welder can be perfect for your home use or small projects, and a 220v MIG welder can be perfect for the tough welding or large projects. But what if you are a person who needs both the facilities in one welder?

Here comes the dual voltage MIG welder. When you have a dual voltage welder, you can do all your small projects for home use or hobbies and large projects for commercial use with extreme efficiency. However, if you want to get the most productivity and efficiency, then you need the best dual voltage MIG welder.

best dual voltage mig welder

How Do Dual Voltage Welders Work?

A dual voltage welder comes with a power converter inside the machine. It helps the machine to take any voltage input necessary. For example, if a welder is the dual voltage of 110v and 220v, then it means that no matter you input 110v current or 220v current, it will convert it into its suitable input and makes the machine run. Basically, it converts the ac current into dc current and thus runs the machine and welds your materials.

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Everlast Welders 110v/220v dual voltage MIG welder

W Weldpro Multi Process Dual Voltage MIG welder

SUNGOLDPOWER MIG Welder 140A Gas and Gasless Welding

SUNGOLDPOWER Dual Voltage MIG welder

SIMDER Dual Voltage MIG welder

5 Best Dual Voltage Mig Welder Reviews 2020

You know, getting the right dual voltage welder can help you achieve the best result. Also, it will help you work on small projects as well as large projects with full efficiency and productivity. However, the market is not full of good products. You need to choose the right one wisely. How can you choose that? Well, for that, we have assembled some of the top-rated welders from the market with their features and benefits so that you can easily find out the right one for you.

1. Everlast Welders 110v/220v dual voltage MIG welder

Everlast Welders 110v/220v dual voltage MIG welder

The Everlast Welders 110v/220v dual voltage MIG welder is one of the high-class MIG welders in the market with lots of features. It comes with IGBT inverter technology with 200A power output that lets you weld even sturdy metals. Also, you will get low spatter and stable arc performance, meaning that your welding will have a clean and smooth finish. Its capability to work in stick mode and MIG mode enables you to work even with more projects and metals.

To control the arc force, it features arc force inductance control that allows you to work small projects or large projects. It features a dual voltage input mechanism, you do not have to worry about the input power, no matter where you go. Adjustable burn back control, automated pre flow, and post flow offer you even more control on welding aluminum and other metals. Flux-cored wire technology ensures oxidation free welding and thus provides a smooth finish.

You will have Eurostyle quick coupler that enables you to easily changeover the aftermarkets MIG guns. It features a compact design and a good looking comfortable handle. That means you can carry the machine with full convenience wherever you feel necessary. Considering all of these features, it is surely the best dual voltage MIG stick welder in the market. You will rarely find any good welder like this one that can offer you so many useful features and benefits.

Everlast Welders Features:

  • IGBT converter with high power let you weld even more materials
  • Dual voltage input power allows you to use the machine wherever necessary without using the power converter
  • Arc force control enables you to control the output force so that you can weld different types of materials
  • Flux core wire technology ensures you an oxidation free cleaner welding
  • Compact size along with comfortable handle ensures that you can carry the welder where necessary

2. W Weldpro Multi Process Dual Voltage MIG welder

W Weldpro Multi Process Dual Voltage MIG welder

Up next is the dual voltage multi process welder by W Weldpro. With this one, you can have all the features you can expect from a welder to get your job done perfectly. It comes with 200A power output, meaning that you can weld almost all types of materials. If you are not satisfied with the MIG welding only, you can have tig welding, aluminum welding, and stick welding to complete even more projects.

This multi process welding machine is a dual voltage MIG welder, which means you can use it at your home for home projects and shop or outdoor for commercial projects. To ensure smooth and cleaner welding, it offers flux core wiring that leaves no scatter when welding. So you will get cleaner welding for sure. Its higher duty cycle makes sure you can work a long time continuously and get your job done.

A dual digital display is there as well that lets you check the output amperage and control the force. As a result, you get more control over welding and use the welder in different welding tasks. To carry it where necessary, you will have a classic looking compact, sturdy design along with carrying handle, enables you to carry it easily. All of these features make it the best dual voltage multi process welder. You should go for it. 

W Weldpro Features:

  • High power output makes sure you can weld hard and sturdy of materials with ease
  • Multi-process welding mechanism lets you work in different types of small and large projects
  • Dual voltage input system allows you to work indoor and outdoor without any power converter
  • High power cycle makes sure you can work a long time without any break
  • Compact, classic design with sturdy handle enables you to take the machine anywhere you need.

3. SUNGOLDPOWER MIG Welder 140A Gas and Gasless Welding

SUNGOLDPOWER MIG Welder 140A Gas and Gasless Welding

The SUNGOLDPOWER is a portable welding machine having MIG function, which permits you to weld with Gas-less applications. It is the best gasless MIG welder with a top-notch quality wire feeder that is exceptionally stable, offering incredible user experience. This machine is also equipped with transformer technology that is efficient and reliable.

This is a multi-function machine with dual voltage and adjustable wire feed. You can make adjustments to suit your welding needs making you work efficiently from start to end. This functionality allows you to carry on with welding covering numerous thicknesses. The MIG Welder works incredibly well for carbon steel, stainless steel, and other different metal materials.

A welding machine that is simple to operate and easily portable.  It comes with step-less adjustment of wire feed mask and voltage that ensures you set up easily. You will be able to work with better welding parameters once you do your setting well. The Wire Inch is exceptional in offering smooth feeding of the wire when setting up while preventing gas wastage.


  • This MIG Welder features a wire feed mask that ensures accessible welding parameters setting hence delivering great results once done with welding.
  • It comes with a Wire Inch that allows smooth feeding of the wire used when setting up and curbs gas wastage.
  • This welding machine features transformer technology that provides efficiency during the welding process.
  • The step-less adjustment of wire feed mask feature and voltage allows for excellent set up before starting welding.
  • A MIG welder machine that is lightweight and portable which means you can move with it anytime you have welding tasks.

4. SUNGOLDPOWER Dual Voltage MIG welder

SUNGOLDPOWER Dual Voltage MIG welder

The SUNGOLDPOWER Dual Voltage MIG welder is another useful welder in the market with some useful features. It features 200A output power with IGBT inverter technology. That means you can weld almost all types of metals with less energy and high efficiency. Since it is a dual voltage welder, you can use it indoor in 110v as well as outdoor in 220v without the power converter. If MIG welding is not enough for you, it can offer you MAG or MMA or aluminum welding as well.

For added variation, you will have gasless flux core and gas-shielded MIG welding at the same time, meaning that you can either use external gas or not. It features 0.6-1mm flux core wire along with 60% duty cycle, meaning that you can work a long time without any break and complete the projects fast. You will have the adjustable wire feed speed system to adjust it and apply it as required to work with metals with different thicknesses.

It offers an arc start to reduce your hassle. Also, you will have a little scatter to ensure cleaner welding. To make it even more convenient to work and to carry, a classic design, sturdy construction, and comfortable handle are there so that you can take it anywhere you want.


  • High power with IGBT inverter technology provides you the capability to work with sturdy metals with excellent efficiency
  • Multi-function welding process let you use MAG, MMA and aluminum welding at the same time
  • Dual voltage power input lets you use the machine both in 110v power and 220v power without the use of power converter
  • Adjustable wire feed speed allows you to control the speed and work with metals having different thickness
  • Sturdy construction, classic design, and portable handle make sure you can carry it and use it outside your home

5. SIMDER Dual Voltage MIG welder

SIMDER Dual Voltage MIG welder

When simplicity is your main concern, you should consider the SIMDER Dual Voltage MIG welder. It is simple yet comes with 220A high output power and IGBT inverter technology. As a result, you can easily work with different types of sturdy metals with ease and efficiency. With this welder, you can work in both 110v input power and 220v input power since it is a dual voltage MIG welder.

It features 3.2mm rods that enable you to weld all kinds of metals, including alloy steel, carbon steel, medium steel, and others all day long. To keep the electrode, you will get an electrode holder as well. Also, it features overload, over-voltage, and over current protection to keep your machine safe all the time. A wire brush is there as well to clean the machine.

Its best part is the ease of use. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily use it. Hard metal construction with class, comfortable handle, and a carrying case are there to carry it where needed. Overall, this might be a simple beginners MIG welder, but it can give you all the features to get your small and large projects done perfectly. So don’t hesitate to buy it.

SIMDER Dual Voltage Features:

  • Comes with high power with the IGBT inverter technology that makes sure you weld different metals with the highest efficiency.
  • High duty cycle make sure you can work all day long with different metals without any break
  • Overload, over-voltage, and over current protection to keep you tension free about the machine safety
  • A wire brush is there to make sure you can clean the machine all the time
  • Metal construction, a carrying case, and a comfortable handle make it perfect for carrying

What To Consider Before Buying A Dual Voltage Mig Welder?

What To Consider Before Buying A Dual Voltage Mig Welder

Now you have got the list of high-rated dual voltage MIG welders. However, you Might not still get the best dual voltage MIG welder. That is why you need to consider some important things when choosing a dual voltage welder. If you can follow these tips, you can easily pick the right one for you. Here are some tips for you that you should consider.


Power is the main thing you should consider while purchasing. It is the thing that determines what types of metals you can weld. The higher the power output, the harder the metal you can weld. That is, if you are looking for a welder for commercial use, make sure you have chosen the welder with high output power. On the other hand, if your concern is home projects, you can choose any power output. In general, 200A is good enough for all types of metals.

Duty cycle:

The duty cycle is another important thing you should consider. It tells you how much time you can work without any break. The higher the duty cycle, the more time you can weld continuously. So for commercial use, you have to choose a welder with a higher duty cycle. Otherwise, you work smoothly. However, for your home use, you can choose a lower duty cycle for sure.

Force control:

You often need to work with materials having different sturdiness and thickness. In that case, you need the perfect force to get the best welding. But without controlling the force, you cannot get a perfect force. That is why you need to choose a welder that has force or power control.


As you Might need to work outside the home for DIY projects as well as commercial projects, you need a machine that you can easily carry. In that case, you should choose a one that has a sturdy construction, carrying handle, and even a carrying case. These will make your carrying g easy. Also, you need to lift the machine to work. So it has to be lightweight as well.

Key features:

You should consider some key features as well. These features will make your welding tasks fun and easier. You can look for arc start for easy staring, digital meter to check the output power, thermal protection, overcurrent protection, and overvoltage protection for added safety, and other important features.

If you can perfectly follow these tips, I hope you can easily find your one which will get your job done with perfection and ease.

Why Should You Buy A Dual Voltage Mig Welder?

Why Should You Buy A Dual Voltage Mig Welder

There are a lot of reasons why you should use a dual voltage MIG welder. Among those all significant reasons, here are a few.

  • A dual voltage welder can work for both small projects and large projects, enable you to use it for home use and commercial use.
  • Since it supports both 110v and 220v, no matter where you go, you can have a power input to run the machine
  • A dual voltage welder can do the same job as 110v and 220v, meaning that you can save money by not buying two separate machines.
  • It is portable yet powerful, means you can weld all the hard and sturdy metals and carry it where necessary.
  • Unlike the 220v welder, it is easy to learn and can support you even when you become an expert.

Note: As you know now, how you can be benefited by a Dual Voltage mig welder, but, If you want to know how to use a mig welder also, Read here!

Frequently Asked Question

I hope you have got all your answers from the article. However, you might have some questions in your mind. That is why here some frequently asked questions by the users. You might find your one as well.

How many watts does a MIG welder use?

It depends. For a small MIG welder that generates around 135A uses 110v and for a large welder that generates around 200A can use 220v.

Is a MIG welder ac or dc?

It is both. You can ac as well as dc to input power.

Is gasless MIG welding strong?

Yes, it offers impressive penetration and extreme strength. However, it depends on the machine and use.

Is Arc Welding stronger than MIG?

Actually, MIG welding is a kind of arc welding. MIG welding is faster and cheaper, where arc welding is a little bit stronger.

How thick can a MIG welder weld?

It depends on the output power. 90 amps can weld 2mm where a 200A can weld 4mm.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best dual voltage MIG welder is really important for you. Because it will give freedom to work in small and large projects, home, or commercial projects. Also, you will get the ease of use, efficiency, and a good finish. Without a good dual voltage welder, it is impossible to work on different projects and get the best result.

We have reviewed some of the top-rated dual voltage MIG welders with all their features benefits so that you can pick your one. All of them are good with higher customer satisfaction. But if you want to know my recommendation, then I will suggest you go for the Everlast Welders 110v/220v dual voltage MIG welder. Because it offers you high power, extreme efficiency, force control, and cleaner welding. What else can you expect? So you can surely choose this one.

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