Best Stick Welder Under 500 Reviews [Expert Reliable Choice 2020]

Whether you are a professional or an amateur in welding, you need a welder that will help you complete your welding project. But finding a welder that will fulfill your requirements might be a challenging job for you. If you can spend hours and hours researching and experiencing, you may get your desired one.

As you are on our review website, we will cover you to find the best stick welder under 500. We have compiled a list of stick welders based on their quality, ease of use, functionality, portability, and more. After purchasing one, you don’t have to repent for your purchase decision. So, read on to learn which one you need to buy for your project.

Is Stick Welding Stronger Than Mig?

When it comes to weld metal, you can get a high-quality welding finish with both stick and MiG welding machines. But the surface of the welding metal differs from MiG and stick welding machine. A stick welding machine leaves more slag on the finishing texture, whether a MIG leaves less. So, when you weld a thin metal, using a MIG welder should be your wise choice.Best Stick Welder Under 500

However, welders find stick welding stronger than the MIG welding machine. It uses a 7018 stick that has a wire inside the stick and welds firmly. Because it produces 70,000 tensile strength while welding with a stick welding machine. Conversely, MiG also offers vital welding work if you use the E70s6 bare wire in it.

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2019 EVERLAST PowerARC 160STH 160amp HF TIG Stick

Plasma Cutter STICK TIG Welder

PrimeWeld 3-in-1 50 Amp Plasma Cutter, 200 Amp TIG Welder



Amico Professional Welding Machine, 200 Amp Stick Arc DC Welder

6 Best Stick Welder Under 500 Reviews In 2020

We understand your needs and the importance of your quality welding work. We have evaluated the list of 6 best stick welder under 500, considering their quality, ease of use, functionality, durability, and cost. Thus, you will find each of them useful for your welding work, and it will be a win-win situation for you after buying one.

1. 2019 EVERLAST PowerARC 160STH 160amp HF TIG Stick

2019 EVERLAST PowerARC 160STH 160amp HF TIG Stick

Portability is one of the essential features of a stick welding machine. If you are after the best portable stick welder, you should find 2019 EVERLAST worth purchasing. You can carry the welding machine anywhere you need for your welding project. You don’t need to wait for the hot start as it offers you a hot start.

The inverter technology of the welding machine allows you to continue its operation even if there is no electricity. It means that you can pursue your welding work with a generator as well. However, it further helps you use its dual volt, meaning that you can use 110 Volts or 220 Volts depending on your needs.

It comes with an IGBT Infineon module and 160amp. Moreover, you will discover HF TIG DC and Stick with its built-in valve that allows you to quickly start and weld the metal as long as you want to weld with the machine. If you do not like the welding machine, you can replace it because it has a 30 days money-back guarantee.

2019 EVERLAST PowerARC Features:

  • It is lightweight, portable, and 35% energy-saver for your welding project.
  • The welding machine should be a good option for both home projects or outdoor work.
  • With its dual voltage- 110V and 220V, you can operate in two different voltage powers.
  • It comes with a Hot start that allows you to start your welding project promptly.
  • You will get stick with a built-in valve to control the welding machine according to your needs.

2. Plasma Cutter STICK TIG Welder

Plasma Cutter STICK TIG Welder

Whether amateurs or professionals, some welders find the best 110v stick welder out there in the market. In this case, you must discover Plasma Cutter Stick useful for your welding work. It should be one of the most versatile welding machines that allow you to do three things simultaneously.

Thus, it might be your complete welding solution for you. The TIG welder allows its user to use 10 to 200A at 220 Volt and 10 to 150 Volt at 110 Volt. An HF arc starts hand control can be found in the welding machine for a better welding experience. While working on a welding project, it will provide you with a 10 to 50Amp DC output.

Not only that, it comes with a half-inch compact plasma cutter to cut stainless steel. You can use it as a stick, arc, or MMA welder for your project. It offers an easy arc start and a stable welding arc for convenient welding work. With the stick welder, it becomes easier for you to weld non-ferrous, carbon steel, stainless steel, and more. Thus, it allows you to weld aluminum with a stick welder.

Plasma Cutter Features:

  • The versatile welding machine comes with a plasma cutter, TIG welder, and stick/MMA welder.
  • With the HF arc start control, you can control the torch while welding any metal with the machine.
  • It provides you with the maximum cutting thickness of ½ inches.
  • The welding machine is ideal for acid and basic welding rod from #1 to #4.00 mm.
  • Non-hazardous compressed air of the machine for cutting stainless steel safely.

3. PrimeWeld 3-in-1 50 Amp Plasma Cutter, 200 Amp TIG Welder

PrimeWeld 3-in-1 50 Amp Plasma Cutter, 200 Amp TIG Welder

Do you know that your welding workshop is incomplete without a PrimeWeld 3-in-1 welder machine? Yes, it is entirely true because the welding machine provides you with a plasma cutter and welding facilities. The lightweight feature of the welding machine allows you to bring it anywhere you require.

It also fulfills the rigid safety standards; therefore, it is safe for you to use. It offers accurate and easy welding work at your workshop. The build and design of the welding machine ensure its long-lasting capability to you. It should be one of the best multipurpose 3-in-1 machines in your workshop that allows you to do plasma cutting, TIG/stick welding, and arc welding.

Cutting metals like stainless steel, magnesium, copper, and more is flexible with it. With its plasma cutting function, you can precisely cut any metal according to your project’s needs. When you are on the maximum amps, it offers a duty cycle of 60 percent.

PrimeWeld 3-in-1 50 Features:

  • Switching between TIG welder and DC stick welder is not a big deal.
  • You can get up to ½ inch thick with the welding machine in most metals.
  • The versatile welding machine offers you to use on mild steel, copper, aluminum, and more.
  • You can perform three operations with the welding machine, including plasma cutting, TIG welding, and arc welding.
  • It meets rigid safety standards for your better safety and accuracy.



You don’t need to worry about your welding project, whether it will stop due to an electric outage. Yes, SUNGOLDPOWER comes with an IGBT inverter that allows you to quickly change the power source from electric to DC if it needs. Thus, you can pursue your welding work without any disturbance of electric outage.

Moreover, the multifunctional welding machine helps you to use two volts, including 110 Volt and 220 Volt. So, depending on your project’s needs, you can use any of them. It enables you to do MiG, MAG, ARC, and MMA. You can find its spool gun that helps you to weld aluminum also. If you know the techniques of gas welding, you can use the welding machine to the fullest.

However, there is a selector switch for the MIG gun as well as a spool gun. If you need to use them differently, you can switch them anytime. With its adjustable wire feed speed feature, you can use the welding machine anywhere you need it.

SUNGOLDPOWER 200Amp Features:

  • SUNGOLDPOWER is one of the most convenient welding machines that helps you repair and use on various metals.
  • Your outdoor application is an ideal welder that enables you to farm, road, and many other places.
  • With its IGBT inverter, you can switch between the AC and DC power when you need it.
  • The multifunctional inverter allows you to do MMA, ARC, MIG, and MAG.
  • You will find 0.6 to 1.0 mm flux-cored wire to adjust to the welding machine.



Are you are a beginner in welding metal at home or your workshop? Then it would help if you had a beginner-friendly welding machine, and you can easily weld your project. You must need the best stick welder for a beginner for both home and outdoor in this scenario.

It does not take too much space due to its compact design. Also, it is lightweight, and you have the opportunity of its portability. The welding machine allows you to use either 110/115 volt or 220/230 volt, depending on your welding project. When you need to use the welder’s MMA mode, you can use its arc TIG welder with some optional accessories.

The welder helps you to achieve up to ¼ inch depth in mild steel and uses 220-volt input. You will get 78 to 472 inches of feed wire per minute that benefits you to adjust the heat setting and wire speed. It comes with overheat and current welding protection that the advanced compact IGBT inverter ensures.

MIG155GSV 155 AMP Features:

  • You have the option to use 2T or 4T to perform along with the welding project.
  • It provides you with a 30 to 155 Amp welding range that is enough for your welding work.
  • You can use its TIG welder if you need it in the MMA mode.
  • Two voltage output is accessible with the welding machine- 110/115 or 220/230 volt.
  • It is portable; therefore, it allows you to bring the welding machine where you need it.

6. Amico Professional Welding Machine, 200 Amp Stick Arc DC Welder

Amico Professional Welding Machine, 200 Amp Stick Arc DC WelderIf you know how to weld and have done the welding project previously, an excellent cheap stick welder can be enough for you. Amico Professional should be one of the most convenient stick welding machines that will help you complete your welding project. Not only that, it does not matter that a cheap welder cannot complete any welding project.

The versatile stick welder comes with the compatibility to all electrodes, including E6010, E6013, E6011, and more. With its Lift-TIG arc welding function, you can easily and quickly handle your welding work at home or workshop.

If the input voltage differs, it can automatically adjust it with the machine due to its automatic selection feature. Whether it is 100~250 volts, it can switch between the range of voltage automatically. The adjustable arc force setting of the welder benefits you to set it according to your needs.

Amico Professional Welding Features:

  • The hot start function, anti-stick function, and more have made it your go-to welder at home and workshop.
  • You will find it useful with all electrodes.
  • Its 5-200A allows you to weld thin materials smoothly.
  • It can detect input voltage automatically and helps to switch between 100 to 250 volt.
  • The hot start function helps you to begin your welding work instantly.

How To Use A Stick Welder? Step By Step Guide

Using a stick welder may be a bit tricky, especially if you are a beginner. But for professional welder, it is not a difficult work to pursue their welding work. However, you don’t need to have massive experience in this field.

How To Use A Stick Welder Step By Step Guide

All you have to ensure is you know at least how it works. First of all, you have to ensure that you have gathered all the necessary things to start.

Things you need to have are a power supply or a stick welder, rod holder, ground clamp, electrodes, gloves, helmet, apron, and more. When you are done with these basic things, it is time to show you the steps.

Step one:

The very first step will suggest you get your welding machine ready. Depending on your electrode’s choice, you have to ensure the power supply, whether it will be AC or DC. You have to do the current setting of the machine properly.

If you weld thinner metal, you should use electrode negative, followed by electrode positive for heavier metals. Now you have to position your welding machine better and select the amperage based on the electrode.

Step two:

It is a crucial part before you start welding your project. Also, you might know that you need different arc lengths depending on each electrode and application setting.

Step three:

Where you weld is an essential part of your welding project. You need to use a backhand or drag technique if you weld in the flat, overhead, or horizontal position. It would also help if you did not tilt your electrode over a 5 to 15 degrees angle or in the direction of the electrode’s travel.

You should use the forehand or push technique if you weld vertically. In this case, you also have to stick to the stick’s travel direction at 15 degrees. When you can gain a perfect stick trip, you can hope for the best result as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have also covered some frequently asked questions to make it easier for you to choose the best stick welder under 500. So, read them all carefully!

Can you use a stick welder for auto bodywork?

It would be best to use a wire or TIG welder when it comes to weld auto body panels. As these panels are thin, using a stick welder can make holes in the panels while welding.

Can you stick weld stainless steel?

Welding stainless steel is more comfortable with a Mig welder, stick welder, or Tig welder. You can use any of them to weld stainless steel. Because stainless steel is a heavier metal to weld.

Can you stick weld in the rain?

Most stick welders allow you to weld even in the rain, and it is legal; according to OSHA, you should not use it in the rain. It might cause any electrocution to you.

How many watts does a stick welder use?

Depending on your welding project requirements, a stick welder may use different watts, including 2200, 3600, 4900, and more. You need to use it as your welding project needs.

How many amps does a stick welder use?

From 225 to 300 amps, stick welders can handle your average welding work. However, most stick welding machines that you find may require 200 amps or less on average.


Whether the welding work you do at home or outside requires the best stick welder under 500, it is most convenient, portable, and compact in design. Therefore, it becomes comfortable for you to bring anywhere and store within a little space.

However, we want you to go for 2019 EVERLAST as it is energy-saving and versatile features. Not only that, you can use the stick welder in dual voltage, and it is suitable for home and outdoor projects. The hot start function of the welding machine allows you to start your project in no time.


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