Best Tig Welder For Home Use – Honest Review And Buying Guide

TIG welding is the most important as well as a complicated process when it comes to fabrication. To complete this complicated process with ease, you need the best machine in the market. Without the right machine, you cannot achieve a good quality finish at all. A TIG welder is definitely the best machine to use for TIG welding at your home or DIY project or commercial use.

However, to choose the best TIG welder for home use or other uses, you need to understand the basic fundamental of a machine or need to know how to choose the right one. Don’t panic. We have got your back. After reading this article, you can easily do that.

What’s The Best Tig Welder For A Beginner?

As a beginner, you need the perfect TIG welder to get the best experience and precise welding. In that case, if you cannot choose the best one, you will face problems in every step, and your experience will be horrible. However, in my personal opinion, there is no fixed one that you can call the best.

best tig welder for home use

It depends on your purpose of using the welder. To choose the best one as a beginner, you need to know your purpose and follow some tips that we are going to share with you. If you are a beginner and want to get the right one, then you can read our product reviews, which are perfect for the beginner as well as DIYers.

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Comparison Chart

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VIVOHOME 3 in 1 Multi-functional Dual Voltage TIG Welder

PrimeWeld TIG welder

HITBOX Portable TIG Welder

Mophorn TIG Welder

YESWELDER Portable TIG Welder

Top 5 Best Tig Welder For Home Use In 2020

The market is now flooded with so many welders from so many brands. All of the brands and models are claimed to be the best. But how can you find the best one? Well, we have done all the hard work for you and put together some top-class TIG welder for you so that you can choose easily.

1. VIVOHOME 3 in 1 Multi-functional Dual Voltage TIG Welder

VIVOHOME 3 in 1 Multi-functional Dual Voltage TIG Welder

The VIVOHOME 3 in 1 dual voltage TIG welder is one of the best welders in the market with versatility. It comes with 200A TIG welder as well as 200A MMA/stick welder. You can smoothly weld nonferrous steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, and carbon steel. Also, it features a 50A non-touch pilot arc cutter that ensures cutting rough, painted and rusty ½ inch steel without ambient noise. You can switch between these three functions with a simple switch.

This Dual Voltage TIG Welder cooling process is faster than traditional welder because it does not touch the metal during the welding that ensures longevity. For an easy start, you are getting arc to avoid any hassle to start the machine. Besides, it supports both 220v and 110v input that enables you to power the machine more conveniently in any areas and eradicate the needs of the power converter.

To carry it wherever you go, you will have a built-in convenient portable handle that is heat-resistant. So overall, it is an ideal option for DIY enthusiastic or basic home repairing. Look no further for the safest, energy-saving, and best TIG welder for home use or other uses. You can pick this one.

VIVOHOME 3 in 1 Features:

  • It comes with 200A TIG welder and 200A MMA welder that enable you to weld metal such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and others.
  • Features 50A pilot arc cutter that offers you a superior smooth cutting of metal having thickness more than ½ inch without ambient noise.
  • Offers touch-free clear-cutting and fast cooling that prolongs machine’s durability
  • Dual voltage input option lets you use the machine any areas without using the power converter
  • The portable handle allows you to carry the machine wherever you go.

2. PrimeWeld TIG welder

PrimeWeld TIG welder

Up next is the PrimeWeld TIG welder, another top-class welder in the market. Like the previous one, this one comes with 200A TIG welder and 200A stick welder with which you can weld multiple metals at your home or shop. You can switch between these two functions easily for better convenience. A 50A plasma cutting option is there as well that allows you to cut various types of metals with a maximum thickness of ½ inch.

Also, it features a dual voltage input option that makes the machine usable in both 120v and 240v. You do not need any power converter to use it in different voltage power. An automated switch is inside the machine that makes it possible. That means no matter where you go; you can use it.

To make it even better usable in multiple places, it features a comfortable carrying handle along with 32lbs design. With its lightweight design, you can easily take it without any hassle. It offers higher durability as well, ensures many completed projects with a single machine. So if you need a top-quality welder for your home or DIY project, you can go for it.

PrimeWeld TIG Features:

  • Features high power TIG welder and stick welder with which you can easily weld various metals
  • A plasma cutter lets you cut different types of hard metals with smoothness
  • 85% power efficiency ensures high power during the work, makes your job easier
  • Dual voltage input option makes it possible to use it in both 120v and 240v
  • A carrying handle along with lightweight design makes it possible to carry it wherever you want

3. HITBOX Portable TIG Welder

HITBOX Portable TIG Welder

Another good welder is HITBOX Portable TIG Welder, one of the top-class TIG welders in the market right now with high customer value. It comes with extreme power 200A TIG welding capacity along with stick welder and TIG torch. You can weld and cut different types of materials with 0.3-5.0mm thickness.

For a stable and mature performance during the work, this machine offers frequency up to 100KHZ. You will be surprised to see the high power performance from this one without any ambient noise. Also, it does not become hot during the work, even it does not warm at all, meaning that you can have a higher duty cycle from it.

Unlike other MOS technology, this one adopts newly IGBT inverter technology, meaning that you will have less breakdown and long run time. Easy arc ignition allows you to start the machine easier than ever. To make sure you can use it everywhere, it comes with a lightweight design along with a beautiful ergonomic handle. An earth clamp, electrode holder, and gas tube are there to make your job easier. Overall, it might be a small one, but its high power with multiple features get your job perfectly.  

HITBOX Portable Features:

  • High power TIG welding capacity enables you to work with different types of strong and sturdy materials
  • Higher inverter frequency offers you a stable and mature performance
  • IGBT inverter technology reduces the breakdown greatly, ensures longer durability
  • Easy arc ignition lets you start the machine without any hassle
  • Lightweight design with portable handle minimizes your effort of carrying the machine

4. Mophorn TIG Welder

Mophorn TIG Welder

If you are looking for a good TIG welder for beginner, then this is the one you can choose. It comes with a secure mechanism and multiple useful features, enable you to get your job done even if you are a beginner. If you choose this one, you will have 2 in 1 welder because it is a combination of TIG welder and stick welder.

It features 20-160A TIG welder and 20-140A stick welder, meaning that you can weld various materials such as 3/8″ weld steel, stainless steel, titanium, and copper brass with this single one. A switch is there so that you can change the mode when necessary. Dual voltage option lets you use the machine in either 110v or 120v; no converter is needed.

Unlike many other welders, this one comes with overheat, over current, and over-voltage protection. That means you do not need to worry about damaging the machine and destroying your project. Its portable design and carrying handle allow you to carry it. All of these functions make it perfect for machinery manufacturing, automotive maintenance, iron processing, and other large projects.

Mophorn TIG Features:

  • Combination of TIG welder and stick welder with high power lets you weld different types of sturdy materials
  • Offers you high-performance welding function, let you work with 3.2mm acid & alkaline electrode
  • Dual voltage function allows you to use it in different power input places
  • Protection for over-voltage, overheat, and over current, reduces damages and increases the durability
  • Wide applications along with portable design make it perfect for you to work in your different projects

5. YESWELDER Portable TIG Welder

YESWELDER Portable TIG Welder

If your concern is the best inexpensive TIG welder with high quality, then looks no further but this portable TIG welder by YESWELDER. It comes with all the features you can expect from a welder. You will have 165A power output that enables you to weld different materials with ¼ inch thickness smoothly. A diameter is there with which you can select welding electrodes. It will automatically provide the recommended current for welding, which makes you tension free about current adjustment during the work.

Also, you can adjust the welding current as well according to your welding habit. This affordable TIG welder features dual voltage options, meaning that you can use it with both 110v and 220v, no power converter is needed. An Arc start is there as well so that you can start the machine easily. To take it anywhere you need, it comes with a lightweight design along with a portable handle.

With this Portable TIG welding machine, you can complete your professional as well as DIY projects. Four rubber non-sleep legs are included there so that the machine remains above the ground and thus has no damage. Overall, this compact yet powerful machine can provide you with the top-notch performance that you can get from an expensive one. So go for it.

YESWELDER Portable Features:

  • Features high power to let you weld different types of materials having a high thickness
  • Digital diameter to of welding electrodes releases you from the pain of controlling recommended current
  • Dual voltage option allows you to use it anywhere without the power converter
  • Arc start enables you to start the machine smoothly
  • Portable design along with rubber foot and comfortable handles makes it perfect for you to carry

What To Consider Before Buying A Tig Welder For Home Use?

What To Consider Before Buying A Tig Welder For Home Use?

Now you have the list of some top-rated welder. However, since you are a beginner, how can you choose the best TIG welder for home use or other uses? Actually, you can choose it if you follow the tips I am going to give you. Here are some things you should consider before choosing a TIG welder.

Power output:

Power output determines the types of materials you can weld. The sturdier the materials, the higher the power output you need. That is why if you are thinking of buying a TIG welder, make sure you know the power output and what types of materials you are going to weld. Based on that, you should choose the welder. Many welders come with power output control, where you can control the output power and work with multiple materials.

Voltage input:

Voltage input is another important thing you should look for. You might end up buying a welder with 110v, and your home voltage is 220v. In that case, you are not going to run your machine at home. So make sure you know the voltage output, and your home voltage is compatible with it. Some welders have a double voltage option where you can use it in 110v as well as 220v input power. Go for that option because it will allow you to use the machine anywhere.

Multiple welding:

Some welders come with multiple welding capacity. With those welders, you can TIG weld as well as stick weld your materials. Also, some welders come with arc cutting options so that you can cut metals and have all the features in one. If you think you need all these features, you should go for the welder that offers multiple welding and cutting options.

Weight and portability:

Weight and portability are also important. You need to lift it to weld your metals. Also, you might need to carry the welder to different places for different purposes. That is why it is important for you to choose one that has a comfortable carrying handle along with lightweight design. Otherwise, it will be tough for you to work comfortably and smoothly.

Other features:

Lastly, check for other features. These features might not make a big deal, but these can improve the experience of using the welder. For example, the arc start will let you start the machine without any hassle. Overheat, over-voltage, or overpower protection feature will save you from damaging your machine. So consider these features for more convenience.

If you can follow these tips, you can easily find out the right one for your home use, even if you are a beginner.

Why Should You Buy A Tig Welder For Home Use?

There are plenty of reasons why you should buy a TIG welder for home use. Among all of these reasons, here are some main reasons.


  • A TIG welder will give you precise welding with perfection; you surely want the perfect welding for your home.
  • TIG welders can work with various materials such as aluminium, carbon steel, and stainless steel.
  • Other processes create dirt when welding, but when you use TIG welder for your home, it offers clean and fresh welding
  • TIG welding uses less amperage, which is needed for thin materials. You cannot weld thin materials with higher precision with other processes
  • You will get high control over the weld when working with a TIG welder

Frequently Asked Question

I hope you have got all the answers to your questions. However, still, you might have some questions in your mind. Below, here are some frequently asked questions by people. I hope you will find your one here.

Does TIG welder need gas?

Yes, it needs pure argon gas in order to protect the weld pool from nitrogen absorption and oxidation.

Can a TIG welder be used as a plasma cutter?

In general, TIG welder and plasma cutter are two different things. However, some TIG welders come with a plasma cutter option. That means if you have those welders, you can use the TIG welder as a plasma cutter.

Why use a TIG welder?

You should use TIG welder to get the most precise welding with the highest perfection, clear welding, full control over welding, and weld various materials. Also, it uses less amperage that is needed to weld thin metals.

Is TIG welding better than MIG?

It depends actually. If you want to weld thicker metal, then MIG will be better where for thin metal welding, TIG is better.

Will any TIG welder weld aluminum?

No, not all the TIG welder weld aluminum. Some welders are made for welding aluminum.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best TIG welder for home use or other uses is really important if you want to get the perfect, precise, and clear welding. Also, it will give you the best experience of welding and control over the welding. We have reviewed some of the top-rated welders in the market with all their features and benefits so that you can easily pick the right one. All of them are high-rated with higher customer satisfaction.

However, if you want my suggestion, then I will suggest you go for the VIVOHOME Multi-functional Dual Voltage TIG Welder. Because it offers you multiple options for welding and cutting, high power to work with different materials, portability, dual voltage options, and many more. So this can be the one you are looking for. I hope this article will help you to choose the right one for your task.

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