Best Tig Welder Under 1000 – Top TIG Welding Machine for 2021

Do you know which welding method’s the professionals’ choice when it comes to selecting the most versatile one? The answer will mostly be a TIG welder, especially if you have some experience with one in the past. It’s multipurpose and can weld an array of metals with high penetration. When you have a thousand bucks to spend on a welder, you’re probably not considering a bad output!

The best TIG welder under 1000 won’t produce a bad result nonetheless. We’ve researched the best TIG welders for you and found the most promising ones in the market. If you want a welder that welds well and doesn’t make you skeptical about the results, stick to the article. We’re going to introduce you to the most futuristic welders that weld with the most efficiency!

Table of Content:

We’ve covered everything you need to know about TIG welders in this post and this table of content will guide you through them:

Comparison Chart:

Do you want to perceive the features of all the welders we’ve selected at a glance, compare, and select the best one? Here is a quick comparison chart that’ll help you do just that:





Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD AC/DC 200 Amp Tig/Stick Welder

PRIMEWELD TIG225X 225 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder

Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC 20565 Welder

LOTOS – 1H-4HPT-NF6E Lotos TIG200ACDC 200A AC/DC Aluminum Tig Welder

2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder

Riland TIG Welder Machine ACDC Pulse

6 Best Tig Welder Under 1000 Reviews in 2021

A good TIG welder overpowers the other welding methods with better welding quality and penetration. Here are the best tig welder under 1000 that have all the features that are necessary for good welding quality:

Best Tig Welder Under 1000

1. Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD AC/DC 200 Amp Tig/Stick Welder

Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD AC/DC 200 Amp Tig/Stick Welder

The Weldpro 200GD TIG welder comes with both 110V and 220V shop or household current which makes it super versatile. Its inverter technology with IGBT circuitry makes it one of the most reliable welding machines on our list. You can run it with both AC and DC power with60% duty cycle on AC and 40% on DC.

It’s a multifunctional machine with two different types of welding methods depending on which material you’re working on. Alongside TIG welding, you can stick weld with it and it comes pre-packed with a stick welding gun. Furthermore, you’ll get a CK super flex torch for the TIG welding method alongside a zipped hose protector cover.

Besides, you’ll get a hand switch mechanism with a hose if you cannot use the foot pedal in a narrow space. The gas flow pressure gauge, earth clamp are all-inclusive in the box and. On top of that, you’ll get one tungsten to weld aluminum, and another for mild steel and other nonferrous metals.

For Whom Is This Product Designed?

If you need the best ac/dc TIG welder under 1000 dollars, get this Welpro 200GD. It offers both stick and TIG welding methods and you can weld a large array of metals. You can weld from stainless, mild steel to aluminum without interchange hoses. Besides, its smart IGBT inverter tech will ensure a better duty cycle with both AC and DC.

Why Do We Love It?
  • Dual AC/DC power input options
  • TIG and Stick welding solutions
  • Inverter technology with IGBT circuit
  • Everything included to start welding
What Should Improve
  • The DC duty cycle could be a little better.

2. PRIMEWELD TIG225X 225 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder

PRIMEWELD TIG225X 225 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder

Primeweld TIG225X is another good welder that works with both AC and DC electricity. Its IGBT circuit design ensures a stable current flow to give you a superior welding output. The control panel gives you not only an Amp regulator but also an AC balance and frequency controlling capability.

You’ll get up to 225 amps of power output from this machine along with very extensive adjustability. Not only that, its operation method includes a pulse method alongside pulse frequency, duty level, and post flow regulators. With these controllers, you can weld 1/4″ aluminum and 3/8″ mild steel with super precision.

This machine also includes a super flex CK worldwide TIG hose with both Hand control and Foot pedal. Besides, you’ll get an over-temperature indicator LED on the control panel and a built-in temperature controlling mechanism. The control panel has an LED monitoring display to show you how much power you’re working with right now.

For Whom Is This Product Designed?

This welding machine is a perfect choice for those who need extensive control over their jobs. It offers an all-way control panel that allows you to operate it with much more flexibility than others. Furthermore, you can weld with both TIG and Stick methods with this machine and can control the output power.

Why Do We Love It?
  • Dual welding methods: TIG and Stick
  • IGBT inverter internal construction
  • Very extensive control panel
  • Overheat control and protection
What Should Improve
  • Should be a little easier to operate.

3. Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC 20565 Welder

Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC 20565 Welder

This TIG welder from Eastwood also does stick welding alongside TIG with high-frequency arc control. It works with both AC and DC electricity and the duty cycle differs depending on which power you’re using on. For the TIG welding, you’ll get a good 60% duty cycle with 120 VAC at 145 amps and a 60% duty cycle with 220 VAC at 190 amps.

It works with a WP-17 TIG torch using up to 1/8″ electrodes for different thicknesses up to 1/4″ on 220VAC. You can run it on both 15-amps and 30-amps circuits at 110VAC or 220VAC for both houses and shops. Furthermore, it offers dual adjustment dials on the control panel for clearance effect and dials for both pre-flow and post-flow.

You’ll get both hand and foot pedal control options and the controllers are included as well as the control button. The panel offers an overload LED indicator that will warn you when the machine overheats and protect it. With its extensive control options, you can weld both thinner gauge materials and thick metals from aluminum to steel.

For Whom Is This Product Designed?

If you need a robust TIG welder compatible with both home and shop current, get this one. You can use it with both AC or DC 110V and 220V using both 15 or 20 amps circuits. It does both TIG and Stick welding and can weld both thin or thick materials. If you’re learning professional welding, this machine can be the best support for you.

Why Do We Love It?
  • Robust square-wave inverter build
  • Perfect solution for aluminum welding
  • Works on both AC/DC and 110/220 V
  • Does both TIG and Stick simultaneously
  • Simpler control mechanism
What Should Improve
  • Doesn’t come with an electrode holder

4. LOTOS – 1H-4HPT-NF6E Lotos TIG200ACDC 200A AC/DC Aluminum Tig Welder

LOTOS - 1H-4HPT-NF6E Lotos TIG200ACDC 200A AC/DC Aluminum Tig Welder

The Lotos TIG220A comes with a square wave inverter technology that does a great job welding aluminum. You can weld with both the TIG method and the Stick method using this welder machine. It runs on dual voltage mode including both 110Va and 220Va depending on the place of work. For the output, you’ll get a rated amperage of up to 200 amps with a huge power efficiency of over 80%.

No matter which metals you weld, stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, sheet metal, and other thin and thick metals. With the stick method, you’ll get a very extensive control on output power from 15 to 200 amps. Its control dial allows you to have personalized penetration on the weald bead alongside a hot-shrinking arc current.

You also get an advanced cooling system in this machine to keep it cool while working with higher current output. Its control panel has an LED indicator to show overheating alongside multiple dials and an LCD display for current. The dials give you control over current flow, foot pedal/hand control, argon flow control, post, and pre flow, and more.

For Whom Is This Product Designed?

If you need a good cheap TIG welder, especially for welding aluminum, this one can fulfill your desire. It does a great job at welding aluminum, mild steel alongside thin and thick metals using variable current output. You can weld with both TIG and Stick method using this machine and control current, argon flow, and clearance effect.

Why Do We Love It?
  • Does both TIG and stick welding
  • Has both foot pedal and hand control
  • Perfect design for welding aluminum
  • Variable current output speed
  • Comes at a cheaper price range
What Should Improve
  • A bit heavier than it should be

5. 2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder

2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder

The AHP AlphaTIG 200X comes with an IGBT inverter technology in the construction for consistent welding results. Not only that, you’ll also get the Pulse width modulation technology to have the smoothest weld bead from your machine. You can easily weld 1/4″ aluminum sheets or mild steels up to 3/8″ sizes at both 110 and 220 volts.

That way, it’s usable with both household and shop current as a versatile solution for professional and DIY jobs. While TIG welding with this machine, you’ll get both hand control or foot pedal for the amp output. Besides, the TIG method on it uses a WP17 flex hose torch to give you the best welding experience.

You can select either AC or DC electricity to run the machine alongside dual welding modes: TIG and Stick. The control panel also allows you to control the pulse frequency and amps as well as the time, AC frequency, and balance. There is also an LED monitor to show the current amps the machine is working on.

For Whom Is This Product Designed?

This 2 in 1 TIG welder is for those who need good penetration on both mild steel and aluminum. It’s a perfect choice for professionals who need a high-end TIG welder within an affordable budget. Go for it if you work in consolidated spaces where you cannot use foot pedals and need hand control. It has one.

Why Do We Love It?
  • Multipurpose welding solution
  • Stainless steel robust construction
  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology
  • IGBT inverter circuitry and internals
What Should Improve
  • Must use a cart for movement with the gas

6. Riland TIG Welder Machine ACDC Pulse

Riland TIG Welder Machine ACDC Pulse

This TIG welder from Riland comes with a minimal control panel, especially for those who love automation over manual control. It offers you a simple adjustment knob along with two menu buttons and that’s pretty much it! You’ll use the first menu button to select whether you want to do TIG welding or MMA/stick welding with it.

Its menus are straightforward with a simple plug and play using method as well. All you have to do is, pug it in, attach the earth clamp and welder torch to start welding. The adjustment knob will allow you to control how much current output you want depending on the material.

Its adjustment parameter is wide from 20 up to 180 amps with its infinite adjustment option. Welding capability of this machine is up to 3/8″ mild steel and 1/50″ – 3/16″ if you’re welding aluminum. You can do both AC/DC TIG welding, Stick, Pulse TIG welding as well as HF TIG if you cannot use the foot pedal.

For Whom Is This Product Designed?

If you need a cheap TIG welder for aluminum and MS for DIY jobs, it’ll satisfy you just fine. This machine offers adjustability from 20 up to 180 amps of power output for welding with both TIG and stick. This machine is not only ultra lightweight with only 14 lbs, but also costs way less than the others.

Why Do We Love It?
  • Infinite current adjustment knob
  • Minimal, clutter-free control panel
  • Does both AC/DC TIG and Stick
  • Super lightweight for portability
  • LCD display to monitor current output
What Should Improve
  • No flow adjustment options

Why Are Tig Welders So Expensive?

TIG welders are well known for their versatile application and great finishing but they tend to cost higher. Here are some reasons that’ll explain why the TIG welders tend to cost you twice the price of regular welders:

Tungsten Electrode:

TIG welders use tungsten electrodes and it has the highest melting point compared to other electrode metals. As TIG welders use tungsten as its electrode, it requires higher efficiency which eventually ends up with higher end electronics. Furthermore, the tungsten is non-consumable; therefore, you have to pay higher for TIG welders than other welding methods.

Separate Filler Metals:

You’ll use separate filler metals with a TIG welder instead of a continuously fed solid/flux core wire like MIG. Therefore, professionals prefer this method as this facility helps them with higher efficiency at changing from a job to another. If you’re working on stainless steel with the same filler, you can promptly switch to Mild steel in no time.

Cleaner Weld:

Perhaps this is by far the most important reason why people love TIG welders and why it costs higher. Cleaner weld! TIG welding method gives you the cleanest output for any welding method from MMA to MIG. Professional jobs require much cleaner results and TIG welders provide just that which makes the price go higher.

Real time current Control:

With a TIG welder, you control the welding arc current in real time using a foot Pedal or hand control. This TIG-only feature enables you to land the finest weld by controlling the arc according to the job. Therefore, you can decide where to penetrate deeper and where to go with light penetration.

Less contamination:

As you’re getting a higher arc capability with TIG welding method, you can get your desired arc with less contamination. It happens because you can initiate the joining process with the slightest touch to the piece with the tungsten. Less contamination is indeed an important thing and since TIG gets you that, it also tends to cost higher.

What Is TIG Welding Best Used for?

TIG welder costs higher, but for plenty of legit reasons as we’ve discussed earlier. But what do you get from this welding method for a higher cost? Here are the benefits and application options you’ll get with TIG welders of which most aren’t available with others:

  • TIG welding method can join way more types of metal than any other welding methods. You can join stainless steel, aluminum, chromoly, copper, brass, different alloys, bronze, and many more.
  • You can do sophisticated welding jobs using TIG welders such as thin metal fabrication, auto body parts, even joining golds!
  • When you have to produce clean welds on picky items where other methods fall short, TIG welding can do it without slags. Clean!
  • This welding method doesn’t use any flux core wire electrodes; therefore, you have to use the right type of shielding gas. If you’re welding aluminum, you have to use 100% argon gas to shield the metal and the tungsten.
  • TIG welding method allows you to weld from all angles whether it’s flat, overhead, or vertical. So, if you’re working on complex projects, TIG welding method can be the best thing to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you struggling with more questions about TIG welding method and the respective welding machines? We get these questions a lot and here are some frequent ones along with their answers to help you out:

Is TIG welding easier than MIG?

MIG has two options: gas shielded and flux core methods. If you’re comparing with the regular gas shielded method, TIG has almost the same principle. However, TIG uses separate consumables and has more settings to tweak with.

Is TIG welding dangerous?

Almost all welding methods emit nitrogen oxide and ozone into air and that’s dangerous. However, you get a lesser amount of it while working with TIG welding which makes it less dangerous. But you need experience to avoid the heat, light, and gas.

Can TIG welding cause cancer?

Since any welding method has dangerous emissions, prolonged exposure without proper protection can cause different types of cancer and lung issues. Avoid the fume and harmful gasses using proper protection while welding.

Is TIG welding difficult to learn?

Let’s put, TIG welding can be difficult as it comes with more customizable. Therefore, you have to learn more steps for TIG compared to mig or stick and that may take a longer period.

Is MIG or TIG better for welding aluminum?

Both MIG and TIG work with aluminum while TIG has more options to work with the amps. Therefore, if you’re good with TIG, you don’t necessarily have to go for MIG to weld aluminum.

Bottom Line

TIG welding method is the elite class of all conventional welding methods and no wonder why so. It gives the capability of using only argon for all kinds of metals with better control and cleaner weld. We hope that this article helped you find the best TIG welder within your budget that has everything you need.

However, if you still want a professional suggestion for the best TIG welder under 1000, we’d suggest you go for the Weldpro 200GD Tig/Stick Welder. It works with both AC and DC electricity and both 110V or 220V current to run the IGBT inverter machine. You’ll get two welding methods: Stick and TIG on this machine and control the arc up to 200 Amps using onboard controllers.

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