Best Welder For Aluminum 2021- Review And Buying Guide

You can easily weld steel or other metals with a traditional welder. But you cannot weld aluminum easily for sure. Welding aluminum is tougher and more complicated than other metals. Compared to steel, aluminum has a lower melting point, meaning that any improper act can burn the metal. I am sure you do not want to burn your aluminum sheet.

That is why it is important to use the best welder for aluminum. When you have the best one, you will have precise control over the power and welding to make sure your aluminum welding is done perfectly. Otherwise, chances are very high that you will end up burning your aluminum sheet.

best welder for aluminum

What Kind Of Welder Is Used For Aluminum?

Welding aluminum is more challenging than steel, or other metals welding. As you know, aluminum has a lower melting point and higher conductivity, meaning that in a little higher heat, it will burn out. Also, aluminum feeder wire is much softer than steel wire. That is why welders that have higher output power and better control are used for aluminum. Based on all that, TIG welders are primarily used for aluminum welding. Also, MIG welder can also be a really good option as well because it provides the required heat and control.

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Everlast Welders Dual Voltage welder for aluminum

Hobart Handler Welder for Aluminum

LOTOS Standard Welder for aluminum

MTS-165, 165-Amp MIG/TIG-Torch/Stick Arc Combo Welder

DEKOPRO dual voltage welder for aluminum

5 Best Welder For Aluminum Reviews 2021

You know that finding the best aluminum welder is important. However, with thousands of welders in the market, how can you find the right one? How can you measure that this one is the best when everyone is claiming to be the best? Well, we have got your back and done all the hard work for you to gather some of the top-rated welders for aluminum. You will get all their features and benefits as well so that you can make a better decision.

1. Everlast Welders Dual Voltage welder for aluminum

Everlast Welders Dual Voltage welder for aluminum

The Everlast Welders Dual Voltage welder for aluminum is one of the most effective welders you can use to weld aluminum. It offers you all the features and control you need to get your all aluminum projects done successfully. You will have IGBT inverter technology with 185A output power that is more than enough to weld almost all types of metals, including aluminum. It can weld ¼ or thinner aluminum on a single pass.

To make it usable for your indoor and outdoor projects, a dual voltage input system is there as well. You can run it in your 110v and 220v power input outlet without any power converter. Also, it features TIG welding and Stick welding to add even more versatility to your projects. For additional control, you will get an automatic pre-flow feature so that you can control the flow.

A digital readout is there for you so that you can easily read the power output and control it even better. Its compact inverter design makes it perfect for you to take it anywhere. For easy carrying, you will get a comfortable handle. So, all in all, it is a very good aluminum welder for all types of projects.

Everlast Welders Dual Features:

  • IGBT inverter technology along with high output power make sure you can weld aluminum as well as other metals
  • Dual voltage input power enables you to find the power outlet anywhere easily
  • Automatic pre-flow makes it easier for you to control the force of the welder
  • Digital readout is there that allows you to check the output power and control it
  • Portable compact design along with comfortable handle makes it easier to carry

2. Hobart Handler Welder for Aluminum

Hobart Handler Welder for Aluminum

The Hobart Handler Welder for Aluminum is considered as the best dual voltage MIG welder by many customers in the market that can weld aluminum as well as other sturdy metals. It comes with a high power output that enables you to complete your welding task easily. Also, you will get a dual voltage input power system so that you can find your desired power outlet anywhere you go. It runs in either 115v or 230v.

Self-shielding flux core wire technology is available here so that you can get oxidation free, cleaner welding. Also, it has 7 output voltage control option, meaning that you can easily control the output voltage and make it perfect for aluminum welding. You will have a higher duty cycle as well so that you can work all day long continuously.

This welder will provide you with a smooth arc while working. You can take it anywhere you want because it comes with a portable design as well as a carrying handle. All of these features make it a perfect option to work on household repairs, auto body, or even heavier farm projects where extra power required. Even if you do not know how to weld, it features a user manual for you.

Hobart Handler Features:

  • Comes with high power that enables you to weld aluminum along with other sturdy metals
  • Dual voltage input system allows you to use the machine anywhere without using the power converter
  • Flux core wire technology leaves no dirt and offers you an oxidation free welding
  • Higher duty cycle makes sure you can work all day long without any break
  • Portable and compact design with comfortable handle make it perfect for carrying

3. LOTOS Standard Welder for aluminum

LOTOS Standard Welder for aluminum

Up next is the Standard Welder for aluminum by the reputed brand LOTOS. It comes with a high power of 175A that is quite enough for welding aluminum and other strong metals such as steel, mild steel, and others. With this welder, you will get the best way to weld aluminum because it offers you aluminum wire feed so that you can get a better experience of welding. Also, it offers a spool gun that makes aluminum welding even faster.

Like the previous one, this welder features flux core wire technology, meaning that you will have no oxidation in any parts of your welding. Its transformer technology has proven to be reliable in the welding task too. 0.9mm aluminum wire is there so that you can get a higher duty cycle and weld 2/8 inch aluminum day long. You will get MIG torch, ground clamp, gas hose, and others to make your welding even more convenient.

When it comes to size and portability, it features a compact design and a comfortable handle. So you can easily carry the machine wherever you need it. All of these features make it the best MIG welder for aluminum that will provide you enough power and control. You can go for it with confidence.

LOTOS Standard Welder Features:

  • Comes with high power to make sure you can weld any metals including the aluminum
  • It features flux core wired technology that prevents the oxidation in all the parts of your welding
  • Comes with sturdy aluminum wire feeder that allows you to get a better and more stable welding experience
  • Features transformation technology that has been proven to be reliable, offers much more reliable experience of welding
  • Sturdy construction, compact design, and a comfortable handle make it perfect for carrying it anywhere

4. MTS-165, 165-Amp MIG/TIG-Torch/Stick Arc Combo Welder

MTS-165, 165-Amp MIG/TIG-Torch/Stick Arc Combo Welder, Weld Aluminum(MIG) 110/230V Dual Voltage Welding

The MTS-165 is an exceptional welding machine that is equipped with IGBT technology for efficient welding. It offers dual voltage welding to work on small and complex welding tasks. You will find the TIG Torch and STICK function on this welding machine that enhances its functionalities.

A combo welder that can handle welding of up to 1/4″ mild steel, copper, aluminum, cast iron, alloy, stainless steel, and mild steel. This makes this machine quite versatile for your welding work. You will also notice that this welding machine is synergically controlled, having incredible melting droplet transfer.

This is a machine that works fast and precisely to deliver having an automatic control gas solenoid valve. No wonder it is the best aluminium welding machine featuring wave-form control system. The top-notch quality wire feeding machine used is meant to deliver and ensure smooth wire feed. This is more profound when it comes to making use of aluminum wire welding aluminum.

MTS-165, Features:

  • A combo welder machine featuring IGBT technology that enables it to work with any kind of wire efficiently.
  • The TIG Torch and STICK function of this machine work well to deliver maximum performance when welding.
  • It features the wave-form control system that works incredibly well for wave-form of volt and amp when welding in short circuits.
  • This welding machine is synergically controlled with clear wire melting droplet transfer for accurate and fast welding.
  • The high-quality wire feeding machine featured by this welding machine works to deliver smooth wire feed.

5. DEKOPRO dual voltage welder for aluminum

DEKOPRO dual voltage welder for aluminum

Another good machine for welding aluminum is this DEKOPRO dual voltage welder, one of the most effective, efficient, and versatile welding machines in the market to weld aluminum, steel, mild steel, and other metals. It comes with a lot of features to get your job done with ease. With 160A output power and IGBT technology, you can weld any metals with more control and reliability. Since it is a dual voltage welder, you can easily use it in 110v and 220v power outlets.

Even you can adjust the welding voltage as per the need for more precision. It creates less spatter during the welding, meaning that you will get cleaner welding with extreme efficiency. Another good feature is less noise that ensures less noise pollution. A hot start is there so that you can start the machine without any hassle. You will have a digital display, too, for checking and controlling the output.

For better cleaning, a brush comes with the machine. You can take it anywhere because of its compact design. It is easy to store and comes with a comfortable handle, makes it a perfect option for carrying. With all of these features, you can surely consider it as the best welder to weld aluminum for professional welding. So surely, you can go for this one.

DEKOPRO dual voltage Features:

  • Features high power with IGBT technology to ensures extreme efficiency and control during the welding
  • Dual voltage system enables you to use the machine indoor and outdoor without any converter
  • Voltage adjustment and digital meter allow you to check and control the power output and work with different metals
  • Creates less spatter, thus ensures cleaner welding with extreme efficiency
  • Compact design and comfortable handle makes it easier to carry and store the machine anywhere

What To Consider Before Buying A Welder For Aluminum?


Now you have got the list of some top-class welder for aluminum with all their main features and benefits. But how can you figure out what is the best welder for aluminum for you? Well, we are here to help you. Here are some tips for you that you should consider before buying a welder for aluminum if you want to get the best one.

Output power:

Output power determines how hard aluminum you can weld. That means the higher the power, the harder aluminum you can weld, as you know that not all aluminum is the same in thickness. That is why always go for the one that offers higher output power. In that case, you can go for the IGBT inverter technology since it provides higher power with extreme efficiency. Also, make sure your welder offers power more than 150A.

Heat control:

Just high power cannot get your job done. Because it only welds one or two types of aluminum. If you want to work with different types of aluminum along with different types of metals, then you should choose a welder that has heat control. Without controlling the heat, the chances are high that you will burn your welding. So make sure you consider the heat control along with high power.

Duty cycle:

The duty cycle refers to the time you can weld continuously, meaning that when you weld, the welder becomes hot and needs to be stopped for a short time. If the duty cycle is higher, you can work a long time without any break. So if you want commercial work, then you should go for one that offers a higher duty cycle. For home use, a lower duty cycle is enough.


Since everyone needs to lift the machine in order to weld the aluminum, it has to be lightweight. Other than that, you cannot work for a long time. At the same time, you need to carry the machine in different places for different projects. In that case, the machine has to be well-constructed and come with a comfortable handle. So consider the portability during the purchase of a welder for aluminum.

Other key features:

Consider other features as well. These key features will make your job much easier. For example, the arc start will help you start the machine easily; the digital meter helps you read and control the output power; flux core wire prevents oxidation in your weldings and many more. So it will be best if you consider these key features.

These are some main things that you should consider for your benefit. If you can follow these, you can easily find the right one for you.

Why Should You Buy A Welder For Aluminum?

There are many reasons why you should buy a welder for aluminum. Here are some main reasons among those many reasons.

  • Aluminum has a lower melting point; you might burn the metal with other types of welders. But the welder for aluminum offers you perfect heat to weld aluminum
  • Different aluminum has a different melt point, meaning that you cannot weld with a single heat. Welders for aluminum offer control over the heat and make sure you can work with all types of aluminum
  • Aluminum wire is softer than other metals, meaning that you cannot weld it with other welders but the welders for aluminum
  • If you buy a welder for aluminum, you can weld other types of metals as well. But you cannot weld aluminum with other welders.
  • During the welding, aluminum can create a lot of spatter, but with the welder for aluminum, there will be less spatter

NOTE: Abobe in this section, you have learned some reasons that clarify why should you need a welder for Aluminium, Now. if you don’t know Can Mig Welder Weld Aluminum? You can check out our next blog post.

Frequently Asked Questions

I hope you have got all your answers by now. However, if you still have some questions in your mind, then here are some questions often asked by the users. Have a look at these; you might find your one.

Can you use an arc welder for aluminum?

Yes, you can use an arc welder for aluminum. But that will be tougher to weld and require good skill at welding.

Can I weld aluminum to steel?

Yes, you can weld aluminum to steel. But here, you need special skills and techniques as well.

Can you weld aluminum without gas?

It is possible to weld aluminum without gas. However, then you have to do some post-welding works, and that will not be as durable as you can get with gas.

Is it possible to stick weld aluminum?

Yes, it is possible to stick weld aluminum.

How many amps does it take to weld aluminum?

Though it depends on the thickness of the aluminum, in general, 125amps is enough to weld aluminum.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best welder for aluminum is extremely important for your projects. Because without a good welder for aluminum, you cannot get the control you need over the heat and output power. Also, a good welder for aluminum will give you the efficiency, ease of use, and productivity and thus the best result. That is why we have reviewed some of the top-rated welders for aluminum.

Also, we have mentioned all their features and benefits so that you can easily make the decision on which one is best for you. All of them are fantastic and have higher customer satisfaction. But if you want to ask for my suggestion, I will tell you to go for the SUNGOLDPOWER Welder for Aluminum. The reason is that it offers high power with good efficiency, higher duty cycle, control over power and heat output, and portable design. You rarely find any other welder that can offer such features. So go for that one with full confidence.


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