Can You Cut Aluminum With a Plasma Cutter 2021?

Compared to cutting steel or other metals, cutting aluminum has some challenges due to its crack sensitivity. Also, the techniques used for cutting aluminum are different from other metals and steel.

You may be thinking about how Can you cut aluminum with a plasma cutter? With the latest and innovative technology, now cutting aluminum with a plasma cutter becomes much easier. In this discussion, we will share the myths and techniques used for cutting aluminum with the plasma cutter.

Can You Cut Aluminum With a Plasma Cutter?

You might have heard a lot of myths about plasma cutters, such as:

  • Aluminum can not dispute the plasma cutter flame, the aluminum plate merely meets tight tolerance.
  • The plate leaves so much mess that it is almost impossible to clean.
  • Without a professional or skilled person, no one can cut aluminum with a plasma cutter.

So, you may wonder, can you cut aluminum with a plasma cutter?

Can You Cut Aluminum With a Plasma Cutter?

As all these are misconceptions, so you can do these things with the plasma cutter. Nowadays, many people are using plasma cutters for cutting aluminum. The plasma cutter is the latest technology that cuts materials through an electric arc. A good plasma cutter can cut aluminum sheets, and you can mold them in any shape.  It is all about selecting the right gas for cutting aluminum. After that, you can cut and make finer edges with a plasma cutter on aluminum.

It can cut not only aluminum but also stainless steel, brass and copper, and other metal. The plasma cutter comes with high speed, precise cuts, and low-cost. From large-scale industries to houses and small hobbyist shops you can use it anywhere.  This entire process works very fast and ensures proper cutting of aluminum by using a plasma cutter.

How to Cut Aluminum With a Plasma Cutter?

Here, we will provide some techniques that will help you to know how you can cut aluminum with a plasma cutter.

How to Cut Aluminum With a Plasma Cutter

Safety Measures:

To cut aluminum with a plasma cutter, you have to take some precautions for safety purposes. Before using it, make sure you know every working mechanism to cut aluminum. After that, to protect the body, face, and eyes, wear all the safety accessories. You should use welding helmets, face masks, gloves, and eye goggles before using the plasma cutter.

Connection With Air Source:

To blow away the liquid metal plasma cutter requires compressed air. If the aluminum remains hot for too long, it will become sticky. To prevent this stickiness, you should establish a strong connection between the air source and the plasma cutter. Without a good air source, sometimes the plasma cutter can’t switch on. It allows cross ventilation and maintains the average temperature of the aluminum.

Wait for Responding:

Turn on the plasma cutter after establishing a connection between the plasma cutter and the air source. You should wait some time for the plasma cutter to respond. Do not use the machine until it shows the green light. It takes time to generate all the heat that you will need while cutting the aluminum.

Appropriate Position:

A good position can ensure accurate cuts of the aluminum. Place it properly so that you can easily achieve the perfect cut. Place all the parts of the plasma cutter securely.

Aluminum Thickness:

It is wise to select the plasma cutter according to the thickness of the aluminum sheet. For thicker aluminum, you need a plasma cutter with a wider gap and a bigger arc. Otherwise, the metal sheet cannot fit perfectly between the arcs.


Considering the aluminum thickness and cut of the aluminum sheet, set the plasma cutter speed. You should move the arc very slow and the torch super-fast so that it can’t go into the aluminum.

Cutting Aluminum:

Switch on the plasma cutter button to start cutting the aluminum sheet. It will need some time to start. Once it starts, hold the plasma cutter right above the cutting area. You have to move the torch constantly in the direction you want to cut. Do not drag it on the aluminum sheet surface to prevent cutter damage.

Sketch Out the Pattern:

For precise cutting, you can draw the pattern. You can easily cut the aluminum by following the sketch. As a result, it will make the cutting process faster, smoother, and better.

By following these steps properly, you can cut the aluminum like a professional.

Some Common Tips for Aluminum Cutting With a Plasma Cutter

Below tips will help you for aluminum cutting with the plasma cutter.

Aluminum Cutting With a Plasma Cutter

  • You can use the heavy-duty three-phase cutters that come with 240-volt.
  • Consider a cutter with an air compressor so that it can feed the air out of the nozzle.
  • Use a pilot arc if you want a stable arc without striking the torch with the metal.
  • Always consider the maximum thickness of metal while choosing a plasma cutter.
  • For the larger projects with heavy metals, choose a longer torch. It will allow you to work in different areas even without moving the whole cutter.
  • Make a proper balance between the amperage and travel speed.
  • For cutting aluminum, move the torch very carefully by following the right direction.
  • A drag tip is a must if you are planning to trace a template.
  • Machine speed for a higher rate of feed should be 25inches/min 645mm/min.
  • 030″/0.75mm MAX speed required for a small depth of cut.


Plasma cutters work more precisely, efficiently and make finer cuts. The lightweight and sturdy case makes the user experience much better and easier. Cutting aluminum is as easy as cutting other metals with the plasma cutter.

We tried to clear the misconception about Can you cut aluminum with a plasma cutter? I hope now, you can work with more confidence while cutting aluminum with the plasma cutter.

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