How to Get a Welding Job With No Experience?

A welder is a professional who builds or repairs several products by joining metals together using heat. To become a professional welder, you should have the willingness to pursue your career in the welding industry. Also, you should use your hands effectively to get the job done accurately.

We will show you how to get a welding job with no experience in this article. In addition, we will provide some useful tips that can help you with the welding job interview. Stay with us to learn about welding jobs along with welder’s responsibilities.

Types of Jobs for Welders

Each type of welder job requires different skills. In the field of welding, there are numerous career opportunities. Before knowing how to get a welding job with no experience you should know the types of welder jobs. Below we are going to present different types of jobs for welders.

Types of Jobs for Welders

Construction Welders:

Whether it is residential or commercial construction, welding is the most essential thing undertaken in this industry. When it comes to constructing a building, civil engineering projects, or bridges, metal is used everywhere. These types of construction jobs require outdoor work or underground work. Thus, they are the highest paid job holders in the construction industry.

Manufacturing Welders:

Any industry requires skilled manufacturing welders that produce metal products or equipment. Structural and agricultural, motor vehicle, and mining industries are the most common manufacturing industries that require manufacturing welders most. They weld different types and sizes of metal components to fix old products or create new ones.

Structural Steel Welders:

These types of welders are commonly known as ironworkers. Their main work is to assemble the construction steel structures and frameworks. The structural steel welders are involved in the small and large building’s structural frameworks fabrication and erection process. They generally work for construction companies, shipbuilding companies, oil or gas companies, mining companies, and aerospace companies. Structural steel welder’s jobs are very risky as they have to work at high altitudes.

Sheet Metal Workers:

They are the specialist welder who works for creating, installing, and repairing sheet metal products. They study the provided blueprints and decide the welding methods and types of materials to be used for any project. Sheet metal workers do cutting, welding to prepare the required dimension of the metal sheet. After that, they install these products at the construction sites. They assemble the separate pieces and join them by welding.


They are involved in making, installing large containers and boilers for house liquids and gases. They assemble, install, and repair closed vats, large vessels, and boilers that hold liquids and gases. This job is physically challenging as they have to work in closed spaces with high humidity levels and temperatures.

There are industrial maintenance welders, industrial shutdown welders, rig welders, pipefitters, shipyard, military, underwater welders.

How to Get a Welding Job With No Experience?

You should follow the below steps to know how to get a welding job with no experience.

How to Get a Welding Job With No Experience?

Research About Different Types of Welding:

Before becoming a welder, you have to research the available welding options. By doing this, you can understand which welding method best aligns with your abilities and strength. Also, different welding methods come with different working processes and duties. Thus, each method requires special training or certification.

Take Welding Courses:

After deciding the best-suited welding career now, it’s time to go for the special training courses. So, take some time to research about what training or certification is required for that specific welding method.

Gain Hands-On Experience:

Through an apprenticeship, you can start taking hands-on training. It will help you to learn the regular schedule and responsibility of a welder. This experience will add some extra value while applying for any welding job.

Become a Certified Welder:

To get a specific welding job, you are required to get certified for that specific job. You can get a certificate based on your skill and the welding career you plan to work. The basic AWS certified welder certification is the main certificate that every employer will need. To earn this certification, you have to pass an exam that is offered by AWS accredited testing facilities.

Begin Searching Job:

After completing all the above requirements, you can now start searching for the best companies to start your career. Look for suitable postings that match your skills and experience.

Tips for a Welding Job Interview

Before going for an interview prepare yourself so that you can handle every situation with confidence. For the welding job interview, follow the below steps to nail the interview session.

Tips for a Welding Job Interview

Preparing Interview Answers:

You could be asked about different types of welding-related questions in the interview session. For example, how did you learn to weld, and how do you maintain safety while welding? Prepare all general questions and get all information about welding. Your answer should be prompt and accurate.

Dress the Part:

For the welding job interview, there is no need to wear a suit and tie. In many instances, you may have to show your welding skills. So try to wear a long sleeve shirt, heavy-duty jeans, and good work boots. It should be protective as well as comfortable. Make sure to bring the helmet, jacket, and gloves in a bag.

Show the Skills:

Showing skill is the most important part of an interview. Depending on the skills and knowledge you have, the interviewer can easily make a decision. If you can showcase your abilities, it will create additional value. Also, show the certificates you have achieved at the training session.

Know the Company:

Employers will likely have you when they see that you have enough interest and knowledge about their company. Research about the company, their service, product, and background before going for the interview. Try to familiarize yourself with the company’s vision, mission, and business focus.

Preparation and Practice Is the Key:

Practice and well preparation makes you more confident and less stressed. Prepare yourself so that you can answer all questions confidently and show your skills without any hesitation. Show them that you are interested in welding and also your work history. If needed, ask questions to make sure it is the right company for you.


To become a welder, you should have strong attention, basic welding terminology, basic knowledge for safety. Also, you should know the basic organizational skills and experience for handling welding tools and torches.

In this article, we showed how to get a welding job with no experience, along with the available welding options. Now, properly research them, find out the best option, get some training, and start searching for the job.

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