How To Make A Homemade Slide Hammer

If you’re in need of a slide hammer and don’t have the money to buy one, don’t worry! You can easily make your own at home with a few tools and materials. All you’ll need is a piece of pipe, a length of chain, a washer, and a nut.

Simply thread the chain through the pipe and attach the washer and nut to the end. Now you have a DIY slide hammer that will get the job done just as well as the store-bought version.

  • A homemade slide hammer can be made by following these steps: 1
  • Cut a piece of pipe to the desired length
  • Attach a handle to one end of the pipe
  • Cut a piece of metal to the desired size and shape
  • Attach the metal piece to the other end of the pipe
  • Insert a rod or other object into the pipe
  • Grip the handle and pull the pipe back and forth to create a sliding motion

Homemade slide hammer build

What is a slide hammer made of?

A slide hammer is made of a metal rod with a handle on one end and a weight on the other. The weight is attached to the rod by a chain or rope, and the handle is used to hold the rod and guide the weight as it falls. Slide hammers are used to drive nails, remove dents, and break up concrete.

Do slide hammers work?

A slide hammer is a tool that is used to remove dents from metal surfaces. It consists of a handle that is attached to a weight, which is then slid along the surface of the metal. The weight of the slide hammer applies pressure to the dent, which pops it out.

Slide hammers are most commonly used on cars, but can also be used on other metal surfaces, such as refrigerators and washing machines. They are a relatively simple tool to use, and can be very effective at removing dents. If you are considering using a slide hammer to remove a dent, it is important to make sure that the dent is not too big.

If the dent is too big, the slide hammer may not be able to remove it. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the slide hammer is the right size for the dent. If the slide hammer is too small, it may not apply enough pressure to the dent to remove it.

How much does a slide hammer cost?

Assuming you are talking about a slide hammer dent puller, they typically range in price from $25-$40.

How do you pull a dent with a slide hammer?

Assuming you are talking about a small dent: You will need a few supplies including a stud welder, a slide hammer, a soldering iron, and some solder. First, use the stud welder to weld a stud onto the dent.

Next, attach the slide hammer to the stud, and then use the slide hammer to pull the dent out. Finally, use the soldering iron to remove the stud.

how to make a homemade slide hammer


Homemade slide hammer weight

A homemade slide hammer weight can be a great addition to your tool collection. With a little bit of ingenuity, you can make one that is both functional and stylish. Here are some tips on how to make your own slide hammer weight.

First, gather your materials. You will need a length of pipe, a piece of wood, and some sandpaper. Cut the pipe to the length that you want your slide hammer weight to be.

Then, use the sandpaper to smooth any rough edges on the pipe. Next, mark the center of the pipe on the piece of wood. This will be where you will attach the pipe to the wood.

Drill a hole through the center of the pipe and the wood. Now, it’s time to attach the pipe to the wood. You can do this by using a screw and nut, or by welding the two pieces together.

Slide hammer attachments

If you are looking for a way to quickly and easily remove dents from your vehicle, you may want to consider investing in a slide hammer attachment. A slide hammer attachment is a tool that attaches to your drill and allows you to use the power of the drill to remove dents. This can be a great option if you do not have access to a heat gun or if you are not comfortable using one.

To use a slide hammer attachment, you will first need to find a drill bit that is the same size as the dent. Once you have found the right drill bit, you will need to attach the slide hammer attachment to the drill. After the attachment is secure, you will want to put the drill bit into the dent and then turn on the drill.

As the drill is running, you will want to pull the trigger on the slide hammer attachment. This will cause the drill bit to spin and the slide hammer to hit the back of the drill bit.

Slide hammer dent puller

A slide hammer dent puller is a tool that is used to remove dents from metal surfaces. It consists of a handle, a shaft, and a weight at the end of the shaft. The weight is used to strike the surface of the dent, and the handle is used to guide the shaft and control the direction of the strike.

The slide hammer dent puller is a very useful tool for removing dents from metal surfaces. It is very easy to use and is very effective at removing dents. This tool is very affordable and is very easy to find.


Slide hammers are a great tool for a variety of tasks, from removing nails to breaking up concrete. While you can buy a slide hammer at any hardware store, it’s also easy to make your own. To make a homemade slide hammer, you’ll need a length of pipe, a piece of wood, a nail, and a hammer.

First, cut the pipe to the length you want your slide hammer to be. Next, take the piece of wood and drill a hole in the center of it. The hole should be big enough to fit the pipe snugly.

Now, take the nail and hammer it into the piece of wood. Make sure the nail is sticking out about an inch. Finally, put the pipe over the nail and you’re done!

Your homemade slide hammer is now ready to use.

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