John Moore – Power Tool Idea Author

Hello, this is John Moore. I am a professional welder and an expert on welding machines. It has been almost twelve years, I have been in this profession. After working in this sector these days, I have learned lots of things about the welding machine. When I was a beginner, I was always looking for the right guideline to use the welding machine properly but I’m not fortunate enough at that time. Even during my work, I found that many of my co-workers are not going through the easy & right process due to their lack of experience.  

This is why I opened this site “Power Tool Idea” and started writing about the welding machine. In my working life, I have used almost every welding machine and tool. Such as mig, tig, stick, etc and this is how I have learned about them. Now here on this website, I’ll share my experiences, the easy using process of welding machines and its accessories, tips and tricks, advantages and disadvantages, everything that you may need. All you have to make sure is to keep connected with me through this website. To provide you the best guideline about welding machines and related accessories is my only aim to open this website.  

John Moore

Power Tool Idea Author.