Will a 5000-Watt Generator Run a Welder? Right Ans 2021

Every welding professional should manage secure backup power to complete the project without any interruption. A generator seems the right tool to have the required power supply during the operation. As you used to deal with welding, your ultimate success subject to the several criteria, power backup, total portability, and practical usability are the most stand out aspects.

However, you may have determined to purchase a high-quality generator to have collaboration in welding projects. But have you any idea about the required wattage of your generator? Will a 5000-watt generator run a welder? What size generator do you need to reach out to? You have to stay here for a while to find all these answers.

Will A 5000-watt Generator Run A Welder?

A generator supplies continuous power to make the overall welding process easier, faster, and more efficient. You don’t need to face any interruption if you can manage the ideal generator with excellent capability.  Will a 5000-watt generator run a welder?

Most of the new consumers ask as such since they feel free to go for it at the first attempt.  There is nothing wrong with having such a powerful, robust, and efficient tool in your home or garage.  But you have to figure out the total required power of your welding unit. You can sum up the wattage following (wattage = amps X volts) mathematical term.

Will a 5000-watt Generator Run a Welder
Will a 5000-watt Generator Run a Welder

Considering the running power, you have to choose a generator to get everything working well. To illustrate, if your welding unit needs less than 3000 wattage power, you can be satisfied with a 3000-watt generator. But if it uses power 3000-5000 wattage, you have to alter your decision and go for the powerful one.

In this case, you must focus on having a 5000-watt generator to find the optimum outcome during the execution. While the welding unit requires more than 5000-watt power, you also should switch to a generator with more than this range.

What Size Generator Do I Need To Run A Welder?

Likewise, the total power the size is another crucial consideration for generators. You have to manage the ideal generator with a moderate size. As you’re going to run a welder through a generator, you have to be sensible enough to pick the right one with precise size to find the best support in the workplace. You have to sum up the required wattage of your welder for having an exact sizing idea.


Moreover, you need to add some additional power-consuming factors, including lights, fans, and many more, to find the precise wattage ratio.  Per every 100 feet of altitude, you need to allow for 3.5% of power loss to get an idea of the actual size. Having completed your calculation, you have to reach out to a generator that can produce at least 25-30% more wattage than the demanding range.

The size of a generator is indeed subject to the total power-producing capability. The generators with higher wattage become relatively larger.  From 3000-5000 watt power, the mid-sized generators are perfect for dealing with. You can run a welder at ease through a mid-sized generator. The average size will be around 14.5 x 15 x 12 inches, and the average weight is something near 40 pounds. But if you love to go for a large-size generator, the total size will be nearly 32x 24 x 24 inches.


You have to abide by several crucial rules to make smooth coordination between the generator and the welder.  To have long-lasting assurance from both tools, you must unplug the welder before starting or shutting down the generator. Moreover, you shouldn’t operate your budget stick welder if the generator doesn’t run well. Always try to keep your generator full of fuel and avoid the use of extension cords.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re going to reveal more information about this topic in this frequently asked questions section.

Can you run a stick welder on a generator?

A generator can manage optimal power for welding projects. You can run all sorts of welders on a generator. And the combination between a stick welder and a generator seems too effective.

Will a 3000-watt generator run a welder?

A 3000-watt generator can run a welder without any issue. The welding unit’s required power must have less than 3000 watts to find a smooth and uninterrupted operation.

How many watts does a welder need?

The welders vary in size, required power, capability, using materials, and so on. The total necessary wattage of a welder depends on the working area of it. If you have a 160 amp welder, it needs 3000-5000 wattage to work on full concentration.

Can you hook up a welder to a generator?

Yes, you can hook up a welder to a generator to find the best comfort in welding outdoors. But the generator must have a circuit breaker.

Final Verdict

A welder seems incomplete and ineffective without the combination of a powerful generator. It finds a continuous working environment with the uninterrupted power supply of a generation. There is a massive collection of generators with versatile size, power, and brands.

You have to pick up the ideal one considering the required wattage of your welding projects. Will a 5000 watt generator run a welder? Of course, it is perfect for welding jobs as it provides the welder full backup power during the operation.


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